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Which service
do you need?

The table below shows the level of involvement and care you can expect from each professional, so you can decide which will meet your needs today. 

The wellness and illness focus

One way of understanding the differences between service providers is to think of mental health as a continuum from wellness to mental illness. Each service sits on the continuum based on the severity of the symptoms, overlapping at times. Coaches & Counsellors focus on wellbeing. Psychology & Psychiatry focus on illness.

Wellness Illness Model of Mental Health Providers.png

If you are well, coaching can improve your well-being and help you reach your potential. If you are mildly or moderately unwell, counselling can move you back into wellbeing, prevent illness or serve as an early intervention to identify illness before it gets worse.


As the symptoms intensify illness becomes the focus. Psychologists and Psychiatrists diagnose and treat illness to manage and reduce severe symptoms. Once your symptoms have reduced in severity counsellors can move you further towards wellbeing, preventing relapses.

Just as the GP in the medical model, the counsellor is qualified to treat and support clients into wellness as well as to identify when to refer for specialist treatment with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.


In Australia, always look for counsellors registered with ACA or PACFA.

Fossickpoint Coaching is for

  • Mindsets, lack of direction, exploring and defining goals, soft skill training

  • Communication issues, assertiveness, boundary setting, coping with others,

  • Strengths and values. purpose, meaning, life balance, existential clarity, lifestyle issues,

  • Motivation, procrastination, executive function, practical life solutions

  • Fear of public speaking, academic pressure, work demands, stress, workplace relationships

  • Behaviour change, habit breaking, reliance on social media, 

  • Mindfulness, living in the present, self-awareness, other-awareness, self esteem,

  • Clarify issues, explore options, develop strategies in personal and work life.

Fossickpoint Counselling is for 

  • Emotional expression, vulnerability, life transitions, life crisis, adjusting to change

  • Emotional outbursts, tolerating overwhelm & distress,

  • Improving interpersonal relationships identifying and ending toxic relationships.

  • Low mood, lack of pleasure, sleeping difficulties, difficulty focusing/concentrating, burnout

  • Low self-esteem, worthlessness, guilt, shame, grief, envy, jealousy, impostor syndrome, self-loathing, needing to please others

  • Nervousness, agitation, sense of dread, avoiding others, catastrophic thinking, anxiety, panic.

  • Perfectionism, all or nothing thinking, rigid rules,

  • Irritability, anger issues,

  • Grief, trauma, unclear identity,

  • Avoidance, decline in self-care, depression

  • Food and body image concerns, binge eating, restricting, compensating (exercise, purging or laxatives)

Start your wellbeing journey now

Referral to Psychologist or Psychiatrist is for

  • Conditions requiring to diagnose and treatment with or without medication such as:

  • Severe depression, chronic anxiety, alcohol dependence, drug dependence,

  • Increased risk of harm to self or others, repeated suicide attempts or plans

  • Recurrent outbursts, violence, anger towards authority,

  • Repetitive behaviours, hair pulling, amnesia, hallucinations, delusions, hearing voices, intrusive thoughts,

  • Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality disorders, OCD, PTSD, Dissociation, etc.

  • Neuro-developmental & Neuro-cognitive disorders

  • Mental Health conditions requiring hospitalisation.

For immediate crisis support please contact


Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 - Online chat:

Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 - Online chat:

Emergency call: 000

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