Ever asked yourself...

Find the answers and get into action.

We offer you the tools, strategies and training so you can:

  • Discover core strengths and build your sense of identity.
  • Gain wisdom from your experiences and balance your needs and beliefs.
  • Get the clarity and confidence to live with purpose and meaning.

Everything you need is already in you!

Everyone is different, it makes no sense to answer with stereotypes. We also hate boring, so we explain things in fun, unexpected, and interesting ways. We do this combining Sociology and Semiotics (among other fields), and lots of images to translate complicated concepts in a way you can easily understand.

Our Vision

To inspire meaningful lives and positive and productive work cultures.

Our Mission

Discovering strengths and honing interpersonal skills, so you can excel at being human.


To Fossick

/’fɒsik/   Verb. AUST/NZ  Informal.  Explore or search for something of value.

“Make insight your priority, search for it like a prospector panning for gold”  Prov 2:3-4 (The Message)

Who is Behind Fossickpoint?

Mithzay (Mitzi) Pomenta is the creator of Fossickpoint.  Applied | Clinical Sociologist, Visual Media Specialist and Semiotician. Mithzay has over 14 years experience developing effective communication strategies based on understanding social dynamics and culture. Her training in Sociology, Community Development and Semiotics has been instrumental in developing and applying techniques to change, adapt and improve human and social behaviour at an individual and group level. She has a BA Sociology with Community Development and ethics minors and a BA in Communications with Honors in Communication and Media Studies.

A member of TASA – The Australian Sociological Association, and registered Counsellor with ACA – Australian Counselling Association and Counsellors Victoria.  She keeps up to date with research and networks with individuals and organisations that share her passion for community development, culture, visual media, and personal and professional development, such as the Redefine Life team in Boronia, the Health & Wellbeing Studio in Camberwell, Macleay College and Deakin University. Alongside colleague Natalie Wild, she has contributed to the creation of Wellness Masterkeys, a series of mental health and wellbeing professional development presentations offering keys to master workplace relationships, conflict and stress.

Currently, she is in the final stages of developing the online toolbox and its App, that will allow clients to access fossickpoint's personal development programs online in a stepped care format.

Clinical Sociology

Like the optometrist testing your eyes, Applied Sociology uses lenses to help you clearly see and understand the social. This helps make decisions, solve problems and manage workplace, family and friend's social expectations.


Semiotics is the science of meaning and interpretation (Watch video). We use it to come up with interesting ways to explain concepts and ideas.