Teenage transitions cause a fair bit of stress and anxiety, affecting confidence and self-esteem. VCE choices, Y12 pressures, relationship conflicts, and new adult responsibilities can cause them emotional overload.

Moods? Sudden explosions? Meltdowns? Your teen no longer their happy self?

No one told us it would be this hard... As parents and carers there is nothing scarier than seeing your teenager struggle to find their balance. Their anxieties, insecurities and moods can take over, making relationships and everyday life harder for everyone around them.

Don't just cope with this stage of their lives, set them up to fulfil their potential.

What if you could help them have a positive attitude, communicate better, and use their strengths to live meaningful lives? With our teen personal development sessions they can discover their strengths, understand what is happening to them and learn effective strategies to make things better. The life skills they learn will also help them find and keep better jobs in the future.


Not Sure they'll want to come to the sessions?

It is important for them to feel comfortable and that they can trust and get along well with the person they will be working with. We suggest a trial session, to give them an opportunity to find out what is involved and wether they would like to work with us. This freedom to choose removes their worry about being ‘forced’ to attend sessions so they can relax and make the most of the session.

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Need tips for yourself? | Workshops and support for parents and carers

You’re the expert, I’ve got the questions. Let’s do it together!

Ever since these tiny creatures were placed in our care we have been doing the best we can to keep them safe. Let's face it, sometimes we are at our wit's end. To top it all off, everyone seems to offer different and often contradictory advice. The thing is one-size-fits-all formulas do not apply to all teens.

'Wouldn’t it be nice if they came with a manual? What if told you it’s not that difficult to come up with an individualised strategy for your teen? The simple truth is you already know more about them than anyone in the world, so its a matter of asking the right questions that will allow you to work out a solution that best fits your family. Coming up with strategies to understand and manage their temperament, build their self-esteem, set boundaries, and many more.

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Personal Development Counselling


Skype and face-to-face sessions for parents and teens (13-18). Teens can learn to manage Anxiety. Get unstuck when they feel they have no options. Deal with the toxic people in their life. Understand and manage thoughts and feelings. Find and use strengths. Parents can understand what is happening for their teens during this transition and learn how to set boundaries, identify triggers and help teens manage their emotions and make responsible choices as they transition into adulthood.

Workshops & Visual Presentations


Workshops and visual presentations with information, tools, strategies and practical solutions to help you understand and manage this stage of their lives. Discover and understand how your teen’s personality fits in with others and how it impacts the way they see life. Most importantly, what to do to to help them become more resilient. Find strategies that fit with your family's unique ‘way of doing things’ (including family rules, traditions, beliefs, backgrounds, and such).

Personal Development  Program


Program available in modules of 6 sessions addressing different key topics. You don’t have to engage in ongoing ‘therapy’,  simply use the sessions as needed depending on the issues your teen is dealing with. We believe you and your teen are the experts of your lives, so we do not tell you what to do, but rather work alongside to help you come up with solutions that fit. We are here each step of the process as you test things and adapt the strategies so they work for you.




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