Self Awareness

No Monkey Business

Do you know what makes you tic and how to deal with it?

Self-Awarenes is knowing and understanding what you are likely to think, feel and do. It gives you the clarity to manage your emotions and deal with situations.  It is a really important emotional intelligence skill that can help you perform better at work and have a more satisfying life.

Here are 5 signs that you need to increase self-awareness:

It takes you several days to figure out what’s bugging you.
You have been grumpy and snappy (so everyone keeps telling you) and  don’t know why. You replay situations and conversations in your head not really knowing what you are looking for. You continue to get worked up and can’t seem to stop.

You know some people irritate you but you can’t put your finger on why that is or how to avoid it.
You don’t even know how it happens. You can’t understand why insignificant events tic you off so much. You wish you could let it go, but somehow it get’s the better of you.

You are never really sure what you are good at.
You mostly go by what other’s say you do well, but you don’t really understand what you do that makes it ‘happen’.  You are not sure how to use what you are good at for other things. You discover new things you are ‘good at’ by a fluke.

You don’t know why you say yes when you’d rather say no. And even if you did say no you are not sure about your reasons
(which you obviously have, but can’t come up with at the moment). If pressured, you just give in, resent the other person and then feel guilty for resenting them.

You can’t understand why something you are supposed to look forward to feels like a burden.
For example, someone organises  a surprise party or gets tickets for a show you’d love to see. By all means you should be happy, yet something is off. You can’t explain why you re not thrilled. You are accused of being difficult and you are starting to think you are losing the plot.


It’s no monkey business. Without self-awareness things become a hit and miss. Well, you are not alone. Many people live their lives unaware of their strengths and potential.

Are you the kind of person that can make decisions on the spot or do you need to gather information and let it all sink in? Did you know introversion and extroversion are not opposite extremes but rather a continuum? Where do you sit in the spectrum?  Self-awareness can give you an understanding so personal and individual you will wonder how you survived all these years without it.


By Mitzi Pomenta

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