Self Awareness

Shifting your focus

Focus is everything.

Take a look at the Smarties in the picture. Now, closely focus on the yellow ones. notice how they stand out as the other colours blur into the background. Now shift your focus onto the blue ones. Notice how now they stand out. Also, notice how the more you focus on the blue ones, the more you see of them. Your eyes pick up those right at the bottom where you see only the smallest bit of blue. You can shift to green or purple. It doesn’t matter which colour you choose to focus on, it will stand out blurring the others.

The more you focus on something, the more you see of it.

What you focus on will stand out, blurring the rest until it all but disappears. This applies to most things we can focus on. Goals, ideas, opinions, mistakes, the list goes on. Although this is great when we are focusing on achieving a goal because distractions disappear. It can work against us when we chose to focus on negative things. The negative will stand out. The good things will fade into the background, becoming literally unnoticed. The same applies to our selves (and others) at a personal level. Focus on someone’s faults and soon you will be unable to see the good.

Its good practice to learn to shift focus. You could use it to try and see someone else’s point of view the next time you have an argument.

Remember how, when you focused on one colour of Smarties, you could see even the smallest bits of that colour tucked away behind other smarties? Want to develop confidence? Focus on strengths. Want to develop empathy? Focus on others.

Smarties hold many lessons. The next time you open a packet of Smarties, remember to focus.

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Post by: Mithzay Pomenta

Image: Shutterstock