Live with confidence, purpose and meaning.

  • Discover how to use your emotions as a guide to improve your life and relationships (Yes, all your emotions).
  • Find your strengths, potential and purpose and learn how to use and balance them.
  • Identify relationship patterns and make the changes that will draw you closer to people.
  • Gain the clarity to take control of your life. Find out what is in your power to change and how to do it.

Improve relationships and gain skills employers are desperately looking for!

  • Get the clarity and confidence to make bold choices towards your goals.
  • Learn how to bring the best out of people and effectively communicate your vision, ideas and needs.
  • Understand and use your strengths and values to guide your decisions.
  • Manage toxic work cultures and relations without compromising your character.


Personal Development Counselling


Skype or face-to-face individualised sessions. We help you make sense of your day to day life events and gain the clarity and focus to achieve your personal goals. You will see and understand patterns, how and why things happen, and most importantly, how to use your strengths to make changes. We'll give you personalised tools and strategies you can implement straight away.


Workshops & Visual Presentations


A variety of topics in dynamic and highly visual workshops and presentations. With information, tools, strategies and practical solutions to help you understand yourself, others and the world around you. Find strategies that fit with your unique ‘way of doing things’ as you learn how personalities, beliefs, and values influence everything around us. Most importantly, how to become more resilient and filled with joy as you advance towards your goals.


Personal Development  Program


Program available in modules of 6 sessions addressing key growth topics we have identified in our practice. Use the sessions as needed depending on the areas you want to focus on, or complete the full program for all tools to live a purpose filled life. We believe you are the expert on your life, so we work alongside to help you come up with solutions that fit. We are here each step of the process as you test things and adapt the strategies so they work for you.

Tailored to your personal growth goals.

Work on issues you are facing now.

Maybe you already know what you would like to achieve or improve. The process is very individualised. Tell us what you are going through and we will help you make sense of it. We use events in your day to day life to help you see clearly not just what you are doing, but why you do it, and most importantly, how to make the desired change. We will provide you with tools and strategies that you can implement straight away. Between sessions, you give it a shot and come back to discuss what worked and what didn't as we continue to shape your unique formula.

Each day, you will become the best 'You' possible, as you learn to shift focus and see what is hidden in plain sight (like Ruben's Vase).

Why wait? Don't let stress or anxiety take over.

Life is too short to settle for 'not too bad'.

What? Your life is too hectic and other things need your 'urgent' attention? But what could be more urgent than living your full potential? The more you understand yourself and learn how to use your strengths, the easier it becomes to make decisions, manage emotions and find joy in life. It makes no sense to wait. Waiting until it’s ‘really bad’, means you will actually be in trouble!

Seriously, live better now.

Ruben's Vase