Self Awareness

Who Are We Instead?

We are NOT just random creatures walking around aimlessly and without an identity. But who are we instead?

In my experience helping people develop personal and interpersonal skills I have found some recurring themes:

  1. When people lose their sense of direction and find themselves wanting to set goals, and find purpose and meaning in their lives, they begin by trying to discover what they want to do rather then who they are.
  2. Even when they attempt to discover who they are, they often focus on external identifiers like what they work in, what they look like, what they spend time doing and who they spend time doing it with. Sure enough, these are all part of a persons’ identity, but only half. The other half, uniqueness is often ignored, which makes no sense, since that is precisely where individual’s potential lies.

The solution is to develop awareness of self. To discover who you are instead. Followed by accepting and learning to respect and manage your ‘self’.


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By Mitzi Pomenta

Image by:Christopher Campbell/