Teenagers go through transitions that cause them a fair bit of stress and anxiety. There are many situations that can be triggering for them. They may struggle with their confidence or self esteem, worry about their choices for VCE or find it difficult to manage the pressures of Y12.


Are you dealing with teenage meltdowns?

Has your teenager stopped being their happy self? Do they have sudden explosions that seem to come from nowhere?

As parents and carers there is nothing scarier than seeing your teenager struggle to find their balance in life. Their anxieties, insecurities and moods can take over regularly, making relationships and everyday life harder for everyone in the family. And because they are surrounded by other teens going through the same stage, frictions and dramas with their friends and schoolmates are also happening on a daily basis outside of the home.


Don't just cope with this stage of their lives, set them up to fulfil their potential.

What if you could help them have a positive attitude, communicate better, and use their strengths to live meaningful lives? With our teen personal development sessions they can discover their strengths, understand what is happening to them and learn effective strategies to make things better. The life skills they learn will also help them find and keep better jobs in the future.



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1. Book a consultation


Use the 30 min free chat to call us with your questions and an overall picture of the issues your teen is facing.

What is the goal? What would you like to see happen?

We are here to find solutions that work for you and your teen. You don’t have to engage in ongoing ‘therapy’. Programs available in packages of 6-10 sessions. Simply use the sessions as needed depending on the issues your teen is dealing with. Counselling is also available if needed. Ask us about this service when you call.

2. Make sense of it all


We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions.  Each home has several people in it and each person is unique and different. So, it is important to discover and understand how your teen’s personality fits in with others and how it impacts the way they see life.

Also, each home has their own ‘way of doing things’ that includes rules, traditions, beliefs, backgrounds, and other things. The same applies for schools, friendship groups and any other group of people that your teen comes into regular contact with. So, to be effective, the strategies must also take these into account.

3. Find and apply strategies


All too often people get information about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of their problems, but struggle with the ‘how’ to solve them.

We believe you and your teen are the experts of your lives, so we do not tell you what to do, but rather work alongside to help you come up with solutions that fit.

We are here each step of the process as you test things and adapt the strategies so they work for you. In the process, confidence grows as each discovers and learns to use their strengths.

Concerned they might not want to come to the sessions?

Young people often find it awkward to talk to a complete stranger about their concerns, this is normal. If you think about it, they may feel ‘something is wrong with me’ and fear it might prove to be true. This tension alone makes it hard for them to take the step. But the step is important for both the parent and the teenager. You will discover you are not alone, others are struggling with similar things and most importantly, it can be managed.

Time after time, people find so much relief just in that fact alone!

It is also important for them to feel they are comfortable, can trust, and get along well with the person they will be working with. This is why we often suggest a trial session, no commitments. It gives them the opportunity to find out what is involved and whether we are the person they want to open up to and work with. Offering this choice and freedom leaves them room to focus on the possibilities rather than worry about being ‘forced’ to attend sessions.


Book a Trial Session


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Wouldn’t it be nice if kids came with a manual?

Every parent asks other parents how they deal with their teenager’s ups and downs. The thing is everyone is stuck in the same boat and one-size-fits-all formulas do not apply to all teens. What if told you it’s not that difficult to come up with an individualised strategy to understand and support your teen through this transition of their lives? The simple truth is you already know more about them than anyone in the world, so its a matter of asking the right questions that will allow you to sort through that knowledge to work it out.

You’re the expert, I’ve got the questions. Let’s do it together!

You don’t need to engage in a long series of ‘family therapy’ sessions, simply book yourself for a 1:1 face to face consultation or a Skype session. We will give you some strategies to understand and manage their temperament, build their self-esteem, set boundaries, and many more, tailored specifically to your teen’s personality. And you only book sessions as needed.


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