Self Awareness

Focus Pocus

Focus is everything.

Take a look at the Smarties in the picture. If I tell you to look at the yellow ones, these will automatically stand out and the others will tend to fade into the background. If I then say look at the blue ones, they stand out. Green. Purple. It doesn’t matter which colour you choose to focus on,  it will stand out blurring the others. It is a known fact: the more focused you are on something, the more it stands out  and everything else seems to disappear.

Although this is great when we are focusing on achieving a goal. It can work against us for example, when we focus on the things we don’t like. The negative will stand out. The good things will fade into the background, becoming literally unnoticed. The same applies to our selves (and others) at a personal level.

Notice how, when you focus on one colour of Smarties, you can see even the smallest bits of that colour. You can even spot the ones that are underneath the other colours! This is why if we want to develop confidence, we must learn the habit of focusing on strengths.

Smarties hold many lessons. The next time you open a packet of Smarties, remember to focus.

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Post by: Mithzay Pomenta

Image: Shutterstock




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