Stress, conflict and lack of motivation affect workplace cultures, making them unpleasant and unproductive

…or is it the other way around?

How do you find out and what can you do about it?

Business solutions to bring out the best in your team

Raising your team’s self awareness improves their chances of succeeding and performing to their potential. With self awareness or emotional intelligence training employee’s learn to manage their thoughts, feelings and reactions. But this alone is not enough, because people are not in a vacuum.

You also need social awareness or social intelligence to understand and adapt to the relationship dynamics, communications, and effects of power and structure within a culture. All these skills can reduce conflict and stress, leading to innovation and enhanced customer care.

Remember, satisfied customers have a positive effect on your bottom line!

Dealing with workplace culture | Organisational Development Services

Whether through turnover, expansion or downsizing, change often affects morale and workplace culture. Some practices and attitudes become so embedded in our businesses that we can no longer identify the source of the problem, only the symptoms. We’ll guide you to bring out the best in your employees and build a positive and strong business culture, using your corporate identity, employee strengths and common values.

Corporate identity & Communication Diagnostic


Corporate identity and communication analyses identify how you to align your branding and communications with your corporate culture values and objectives. Strategies to ensure effective internal and external communications on paper, media and actions. Discover how behavioural communication leads to disengagement and suggestions to deal with it effectively.

Corporate Culture Assessment and Change

A workplace culture analysis and change strategy can help you improve motivation, engagement and interpersonal relationships in your workplace. Teams become more collaborative and productive when they understand and are able to manage social dynamics and develop a balanced use of their strengths and abilities.

Special Projects

The opportunity to tailor a project to your needs whether you need a combination of services that we offer or something that is not on our list. Too often people get the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of their problems. We offer the ‘how’ with tools you can use in different situations. Additionally, we come back to evaluate your progress, highlight the successful strategies and adapt tools to the changes.


Professional Development | Wellbeing Programs

No one likes conflict and stress at work. It generally leads to employee absences and high turnover. If you want a workplace where employees have a great attitude, communicate better, and come up with awesome ideas, our workplace wellbeing programs can help. You can foster a holistic approach to wellbeing by combining mental health with self awareness and social awareness training and support.

Coaching | Mentoring

Improve EI (Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Social Intelligence) and interpersonal skills in 60min individually focused weekly or fortnightly sessions. Work at your own pace to brainstorm solutions specific to your workplace. Manage your time and workload as you train. Test the skills and strategies between sessions and come back for additional questions.

Wellbeing Programs

Wellness MasterKeys™. A mental health and wellbeing program combining evidence and practice form the fields of Sociology, Counselling and Psychology to bring you the keys to a productive, collaborative and integrated work environment. Our programs increase self awareness and reduce stress and conflict. Your employees can discover their strengths and perform to their potential.

Workshops & Presentations


The opportunity to tailor workshops or presentations to your specific needs. Perfect for addressing specific workplace issues, inducting newcomers to your workplace culture, or as part of a workplace transition or change strategy. We offer the ‘how’ with tools you can use in different situations. Additionally, we adapt tools to your business trade, style or specific growth stage.



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