Want to live with more purpose, courage and determination?

Powerless? No clarity? Stuck in toxic relationships? Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of uncertainty? Or make choices without fear, guilt or resentment? Imagine overcoming the fear of failure and being able to get into action, instead of hoping for things to change.

Let’s find out what you have the power to change and go for it. Together we can guide you to

  • Manage emotions and become more confident.
  • Get interpersonal skills to improve relationships and succeed in life.
  • Gain clarity to make decisions using your values. Discover your strengths, potential and purpose.
  • Understand and clearly communicate your needs, feelings and opinions without confrontation
  • Discover the patterns that lead you to toxic relationships and set the boundaries you need to feel safe.


Did you know that all these skills make you a better candidate when applying for a job?  Bonus.

I know, I know… life is too hectic and ‘urgent things’ need your attention. But what could be more urgent than living to your potential? Life is too short to settle for ‘not too bad’.

Wait, what's this tree got to do with anything?

Imagine an apple tree. Everything it needs to produce fruit is already contained within it. This is its ‘potential’. Whether or not it produces its best fruit will depend on how it is cultivated or cared for. So it is with us as humans. Everything we need to fulfil our purpose is already within us. It’s just a matter of balancing our needs and cultivating our strengths and character. As the saying goes: Talent is not enough, you need character.

Want to find out more?



We love seeing people become confident and achieve their potential. The more you understand yourself and learn how to use your strengths, the easier it becomes to make decisions, manage emotions and find joy in life. It’s all about learning to shift focus so you can see what’s hidden in plain sight (like the profiles and vase).

You don’t have to be in a challenging situation to benefit from our sessions. Many people say: ‘It's not that bad’, but why wait? It could take you twice as long to get to the root of the problem when you let stress or anxiety take over. It makes no sense. If you wait until it’s ‘really bad’, you’ll actually be in trouble!

Shift focus, let’s do this. Become the best ‘You’ possible.


Ruben's Vase


You can tell us your personal goals and we will tailor a program for you.

Maybe you already know what you would like to achieve or improve. So, we can use  the things that are happening in your day to day life to help you see clearly not just what you do, and why you do it, but most importantly how to make the change. You get to go away between sessions and have a go and then come back and discuss what worked and what didn't so the process is very individualised.

You can also use the sessions to work on issues you are facing now.

Tell us what you are going through and we will help you make sense of what is going on and figure out how to manage it effectively. Along the way we will provide you with tools and strategies that you can implement straight away.


What happens if I go through a mayor event or crisis while I'm doing the program?

That is the beauty of it, you are working with a certified registered counsellor. That means that when a crisis or trauma comes up we are able to focus on it, help you through it and still keep track of your goals.